Thursday, June 11, 2015

Do you ever go on road trips and want to save money? You probably know you can save on gas when you spend at most grocery stores with a loyalty card. If you are travelling, look for microwave items or sandwich fixings, or even chopped salads.
 We got a deal on pizza pockets for the ice chest and they came with free canned goods and dry soup to eat when we got home.

Well the dry chicken noodle soup mix turned out mushy, and too salty, but the noodles were nutritious and the broth flavor was excellent. I remember my grandmother's solution for any food problem. FRITTERS. She frittered everything.  Enter food storage to the rescue!
To start with I gathered my ingredients and put some FD corn in the microwave covered in water.

1 cup of FD corn,
 mixed it with the soup,
a little black pepper,
3 cups pancake mix
2 cups water
 Mix it to a stiff batter. Drop scant 1/2 cups onto a non stick skillet. Cook exactly like pancakes but they will be fluffy like biscuits. They will have texture and flavor like a chicken pot pie I could not believe how well this soup was rescued and how many servings I now have.